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Wisdom teeth are molars that are found in the back of your mouth that emerge in your late teens. Wisdom teeth are commonly poorly aligned and don’t have enough space to grow properly, which damages the surrounding teeth and causes pain and infections. This is why most people need to have their wisdom teeth removed. At our wisdom teeth extraction Toronto dental clinic we provide professional wisdom teeth removal services in the heart of Toronto for men and women at the lowest rates. Our team of highly professional dentists conducts X-rays and other oral examinations before proceeding with any of our wisdom teeth removal procedures

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth do not always come out from under your gums properly aligned with the rest of your molars. As a matter of fact, this is rare as wisdom teeth are usually impacted, meaning they are not able to come out properly through your gum line due to lack of space, misalignment and because of the proximity of adjacent teeth. Below you can see illustrations of how wisdom teeth usually grow, which should give you a better idea of why wisdom teeth extraction is often necessary.

Angularly Aligned Wisdom Tooth
Angularly Aligned Wisdom Tooth
Partially Erupted Wisdom Tooth
Horizontally Aligned Wisdom Tooth
Horizontally Aligned Wisdom Tooth
Vertically Aligned Wisdom Tooth
Vertically Aligned Wisdom Tooth

Benefits of Removing Wisdom Teeth

Prevent Adjacent Tooth Damage with Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Toronto

Prevents Damage to Adjacent Teeth

The absence of enough room to clean around the wisdom tooth can affect the second molar, which is directly in front of it, leading to gum disease, bone loss around the tooth or dental decay. Even if proper care is taken, a wisdom tooth often directly pushes against the adjacent tooth causing damage that will often require additional dental work, which could have been avoided.

Prevents the Possibility of Crowding

An impacted wisdom tooth can lead to the crowding of teeth, which can lead to dental decay or gum infections as it becomes difficult to clean the teeth properly. The effect is noticeable in the lower front teeth and is a common problem for people who had braces in the past. Therefore, wisdom teeth removal is advisable to prevent the damage of your teeth and gums in the long-term.

Prevent Crowding with Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Prevents Cyst Formation

Wisdom teeth extraction in your younger years can prevent the possibility of cyst formation inside the jaw bone when you get older. Cysts are fluid-filled pockets formed as a result of an impacted wisdom tooth. The cyst thus formed, expands and destroys the adjacent jaw bones and even teeth. Delayed wisdom teeth removal can in rare cases even cause tumor formation in the mouth.

Prevent Infection with Wisdom Teeth Removal

Prevent Infections

Pericoronitis is a common gum infection caused due to the lack of ample space for wisdom teeth to erupt. As a result, the gum tissue around the wisdom teeth gets infected resulting in swelling around the area. This condition causes difficulty in chewing or swallowing food and can lead to major infections in your mouth as well as fever.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Procedure

Wisdom teeth extraction procedure in Toronto

Most people prefer to remain sedated during their wisdom teeth surgery. If you opt for a wisdom tooth surgery at our clinic in Toronto, you will be provided with appropriate anesthesia to ensure a comfortable, pain-free experience. All our oral surgeon wisdom teeth removal procedures that we perform at our dental clinic in Toronto will be conducted in an entirely clean and professional environment, using the latest equipment and technology by a team of well-trained and highly experienced professionals. Our team of oral surgeons, staff, medical facilities, and services are inspected by the Board of Medical Examiners regularly to ensure that you get quality dental services at all times.

On the day of your impacted wisdom teeth removal, you will be given medication to minimize postoperative pain and swelling if any. We usually recommend a responsible adult to accompany you on the day of the procedure. The entire procedure will not take more than 30 to 60 minutes. All our dental surgeries, including wisdom teeth removal, are conducted through our state-of-the-art technology to prevent infections from occurring, reduce any discomfort or pain and to maximize the healing process.

On the day of your wisdom teeth removal in our Toronto dental clinic, it’s mandatory that you refrain from eating or drinking anything at least 6 hours before the surgery to prevent anesthetic complications. It’s better if you can increase the gap by a few more hours. We will provide you with maximum comfort by ensuring a painless, professional surgery every time.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction FAQ's

How long is the recovery after wisdom teeth removal?

In most cases, wisdom teeth removal recovery takes 2-4 days. In rare cases where the pain doesn’t subside after 3 days, consult your dentist.

How much does wisdom teeth removal hurt?

Our wisdom tooth removal procedures are almost always mostly painless. However, some people may experience slight pain and discomfort for a few days after the removal procedure which can often be addressed with over the counter medications like Tylenol. Our dentists may also prescribe pain meds after the procedure as well.

How much does wisdom teeth removal cost?

It depends on whether or not your wisdom teeth are impacted and the level of impact. The price may also vary depending on the alignment of your wisdom teeth. We offer convenient wisdom tooth extraction consultations so call us at your earliest convenience to schedule an appointment.

Where to get wisdom teeth removed?

You can get your wisdom teeth removed at our state-of-the-art wisdom teeth removal specialty clinic which is located in the heart of Toronto, just a minute walk from Yonge-Dundas Square right next to Ryerson College at 113 Bond St, Toronto, Ontario, M5B 1Y2.

What to do after wisdom tooth extraction?

Keep your mouth clean and avoid rigorous rinsing on the day of the surgery. You can, however, brush your teeth the night before the surgery. From the 2nd day of the surgery, you should rinse your mouth at least 5-6 times a day with warm water and a teaspoon of salt, especially after meals.

What to expect when your wisdom teeth are removed?

Once your wisdom teeth are extracted, you may not experience any pain at all, but in case you have some swelling, it will subside within 2-4 days of the wisdom tooth removal procedure.

When to get wisdom teeth removed?

It’s better to get your wisdom teeth removed as soon as complications appear to avoid any oral problems later on. An x-ray will help reveal if a wisdom tooth is problematic and when the best time to remove it is.

Why remove wisdom teeth?

When wisdom teeth start emerging, they can damage the gums and other teeth causing a number of dental problems like pain, infections, swelling, damage to surrounding molars, etc., which is why most dentists recommend the removal of wisdom teeth in early adulthood.

What is a wisdom tooth?

One of the major dental changes that take place between the age of 17 and 20 is the development of the third molars. They are called wisdom teeth since they only appear after a matured age.