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Toronto’s Trusted Teeth Cleaning Dental Clinic

Clean and bright white teeth are not only aesthetically important but are linked to overall health and well-being. Our expert dentists recommend deep cleaning of your teeth regularly to prevent serious consequences. As with everything, in oral health, prevention is way better than cure!

Our highly skilled dental professionals excel in deep teeth cleaning that is highly effective in addressing tarter, plaque build-up, and surface stains. These sessions are crucial as this is the time when our experts screen the oral cavity for any signs of cancer. Being a critical aspect of preventive healthcare, professional teeth cleaning can help you attain optimal overall health while maintaining quality of life.

Benefits of Professional Teeth Cleaning

With oral health being the key indicator of health and wellbeing, it is important to ensure tooth decay, gum disease, tooth loss, chronic facial or mouth pain, oral cancer, sores, oral lesions, and viral infections do not impact the quality of your life. Gum disease and dental caries are known to be the most common oral preventable diseases that cause tooth loss while significantly affecting the quality of life.


Prevent Chronic Illnesses

Prevent Chronic Illnesses

Dental diseases are linked by several studies to chronic illnesses including heart disease. Oral lesions can lead to discomfort, pain, dry mouth, and difficulty in eating. Since oral lesions are often the first signs of serious health conditions such as cancer, detection and therapeutic intervention with appropriate management is important to enhance oral and overall health. Bleeding gums can also lead to systemic infections when not addressed promptly. Regular professional cleaning at Bond Street Dental ensures such issues are detected before they can become chronic, thereby ensuring you maintain an optimal state of health.


Aesthetics of Teeth

Professional cleaning also enhances and maintains the aesthetics of teeth. Stains or yellow discoloration are sometimes natural consequences of aging. At times, the tooth enamel wears out due to excessive use of tobacco or consumption of dark-colored foods such as red wine, coffee, cola or tea. The color pigments within such foods enter the pores within the enamel, resulting in yellowish discoloration. Deep cleaning at Bond Street Dental helps eliminate surface stains and helps keep your pearly whites bright and clean.

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Cost Savings

Regular teeth cleaning can also save money that would otherwise need to be spent on costly treatment procedures to address serious consequences such as tooth loss, surgery or other strong medications. Apart from the color of the teeth, our highly experienced professionals also check for teeth irregularities and misalignment that are the major cause of gum and teeth infections.
Because minor issues are detected and addressed during the regular teeth cleaning sessions by our professionals, serious health consequences along with the expenses involved in managing them are avoided.

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What to Expect?

As your preferred dental care partner in Toronto, Bond Street Dental has perfected the protocols and processes to ensure zero hassle or downtime to patients. Our dentists are well-versed in using specialized instruments and cutting-edge techniques to clean your teeth thoroughly. While they are able to visualize the most inaccessible areas in the oral cavity with a mirror, they utilize imaging or digital radiography as needed so that they do not miss any minor issue.

Teeth cleaning begins with our dental professionals carefully examining the gums, mouth, and teeth for minor and major signs of swelling, sores, tissue irritation, boils or suspicious lesions, plaque, tartar, decay or bleeding. They utilize ultrasonic instrument after the evaluation that loosens up tartar and plaque with gentle vibrations. A cool water spray is then administered to wash off loosened tarter or debris.

Our focus is always on patient comfort which is why our professionals make every effort to adjust the ultrasonic instrument so that there is no pain or discomfort during the process. After the tartar is loosened, our dental experts then proceed to remove tiny deposits of plaque using a hand-held instrument. The dentist then scales each tooth individually to ensure no pieces of tartar remain on any tooth. Professional teeth polishing is then carried out to remove stains or discoloration to bring back the natural glow of teeth.

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Oral Cancer Screening

Regular teeth cleaning sessions have more than an aesthetic benefit. While your teeth get the ultimate benefit of thorough professional cleaning, these sessions are used by our dentists to perform oral cancer screening. Our dental experts are adept at identifying issues such as mouth sores, swelling, lumps, irritated tissue, any abnormality with respect to appearance, symmetry, and texture or discoloration.

Oral cancer can be tricky and difficult at times to detect as there are no symptoms at the initial stages. This is why early detection during teeth cleaning sessions are so valuable as timely treatment can help eliminate the disease.

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Choose Us For Optimum Dental Health

If you are searching for the best dental care in Toronto to manage your oral health, give us at Bond Street Dental a call. Our dental experts are available to explain the importance of deep teeth cleaning while advising on the frequency of such sessions that meet your health goals.

Teeth Cleaning FAQ’s

How often should your teeth be cleaned?

Tartar and plaque are often the primary culprits that lead to a host of oral health issues. While plaque is a soft and sticky film, tartar is a calcified hard deposit on the teeth. Both of these house bacteria which can cause serious problems when the problem is not addressed. Bacterial build-up can damage the tooth’s natural structure while leading to decay and ultimately tooth loss. Our expert dentists recommend professional teeth cleaning at least once in six months. For those who have had a history of dental disease or oral infections, more frequent sessions may be advised by our dentists. Regular cleaning prevents the occurrence of common oral problems while halting the progression of oral, dental or periodontal disease. Professional teeth cleaning at Bond Street Dental when combined with appropriate oral hygiene practices ensure optimum oral and overall health.