The Underrated Advantages of Dental Implants

Do you live in Toronto or the Greater Toronto Area? Are you looking to replace missing or damaged teeth? Are you uncertain of which dental procedure to undergo? Dental Implants Clinic highly recommends dental implants for patients looking to mimic the look, function and feel of natural teeth. Dental implants have a lot of obvious benefits like acting as a replacement for missing and damaged teeth, but they also have a wide variety of underrated advantages you may not even be aware of. If you’re still uncertain about whether or not to get dental implants, consider the following benefits:  

Built to Last

Dental implants are intended to be a permanent replacement for missing or damaged teeth. They are incredibly durable, and with the right care, installation and maintenance, they can last a lifetime. Titanium rods are inserted into your jawbone to replicate the tooth’s natural root structure. Once the implants complete osseointegration (fuses with the jawbone), the bond will be incredibly strong. You will only need to go through this procedure once, and you’ll have perfect replacement teeth for the rest of your life.

Dental implants are much longer-lasting than other alternatives like dentures or dental bridges. They will not shift or move while you are eating or talking, so you will not have to worry about any embarrassing mishaps.

Jawbone Tissue Maintenance

Dental implants don’t just benefit the parts of your mouth that can be seen with the naked eye. They additionally protect the internal structures of your mouth. Jawbones shrink when you lose a tooth. Your jawbone will shrink even more if you lose multiple teeth. Dental Implants are surgically implanted right into your jawbone and act as a replacement tooth or teeth. Because dental implants imitate your tooth’s natural roots, they maintain the tissue in your jawbone and prevent bone deterioration. 

Protection of Natural Teeth

Missing teeth don’t only just look unsightly; the gaps additionally can cause damage to your remaining natural teeth. Typically, the teeth on either side of a missing tooth or teeth will shift in the direction of the gap. Gaps between your natural teeth can impact how your mouth closes, how you chew and how you look. These complications can make it even more challenging to replace your natural teeth if you wait too long. On top of that, a poor bite as a result of missing teeth can negatively impact your temporomandibular joint, which causes migraines. It’s crucial to replace missing teeth as soon as possible to protect your natural teeth. If an implant doesn’t replace a missing tooth within one year, the bone area will lose a quarter of its volume.

Another advantage of dental implants is the fact that adjacent natural teeth do not need to be altered during the procedure. With other alternative tooth replacement procedures, healthy teeth may need to be drilled down. With dental implants, only the missing tooth’s space or the damaged tooth will be altered. 

Prevention of Gum Disease

When you have a missing tooth or missing teeth, bacteria have easier access to your gums, which can lead to gum disease. This is another reason why it is crucial to replace missing teeth as soon as possible.

Improved Speech

Dentures can sometimes affect your speech patterns by giving you a lisp you didn’t previously have. As they are not permanent, they can additionally slip out of place, causing you to slur your words. With dental implants, you will have no issues speaking as they will never move out of place.


Dental implants function exactly like your natural teeth, so you will notice no difference when it comes to chewing. You can eat whatever you would like without having to worry about damaging the implants. You can also brush and floss your dental implants as if they were natural teeth as well, so there’s no need to worry about food getting stuck between them.

Prevention of Facial Sagging and Premature Aging

Another disadvantage of missing teeth is bone loss. Your jawbone and mouth may start to collapse and bring the nose and the chin closer together. It can also create wrinkles in the lower half your face, reduce lip size and cause your chin to appear more pointed.

Improved Confidence and Self Esteem

Having missing or damaged teeth can negatively impact a patient’s confidence and cause them to hide their teeth while talking and avoid smiling. This is no way to live. Dental implants are extremely realistic and look exactly like natural teeth. No one will ever know you were previously missing teeth with your brand new smile!

Dental Implants Clinic

Now that you know about all of the underrated advantages of dental implants, book a free consultation with the best Dental Implant specialists in the Greater Toronto Area. The team at Dental Implants Clinic uses the latest advances in dental implant procedures. We ensure superior, lifelong results. Our patients receive the best care at the affordable prices. Reap all of the benefits of dental implants by contacting Dental Implants Clinic today!

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