Foods You Shouldn’t Eat With Dentures

Dentures are associated with the elderly, plain and simple. Even just hearing the word probably evokes some memory of seeing your grandparent take out their dentures and you subsequently being horrified to discover that they don’t have any teeth! But the reality of the matter is that a significant portion of the population will inevitably need some sort of replacement teeth during their lifetime.

That’s right, after years of tooth pain, gum disease, extensive cavities and just overall wear and tear, you might find yourself having to get a denture. This non-permanent solution is often used to replace multiple teeth in the same row all in one go. Life is never quite the same after you get your prosthetic set of teeth and one of the biggest adjustments you’ll have to make is changing the food you eat.

If you’re due to get some new chompers in the near future and are curious about the foods you should steer clear of, we’ve got you covered. Here’s everything you need to know about the foods you shouldn’t eat with dentures.

Five Foods That Aren’t Denture-Friendly


1. Popcorn

This salty delight that is a staple for moviegoers can be pretty painful to eat if you wear dentures. We’ve all had the experience of not being able to get those pesky little kernels out when they get stuck between our teeth. Well, a similar situation can happen with dentures, except much worse – the kernels can get trapped underneath your new set of teeth!

As you can imagine, having a kernel wedged between your dentures and your actual gums tends to cause extreme irritation. Try swapping out popcorn for veggie chips when you need to satisfy that salty craving.

2. Steak

Sometimes you can’t help but get a craving for a nice, juicy steak and there’s nothing that’ll hit the spot quite like it. What isn’t so great about a steak is its chewiness. The amount of chewing that is required can cause sore gums, destabilize the teeth in your dentures, and in extreme cases may even dislodge the teeth altogether.

If you don’t think you can go without steak, cut your meat into much smaller pieces so as to not put your dentures in a precarious situation. 

3. Nuts

This protein-rich snack has earned an excellent reputation over the years for the health benefits it provides. Sadly, nuts typically come in a very hard form, which makes them a no-no for people who wear dentures.

Denture wearers have to chew food evenly on both sides of their mouth to prevent their dentures from popping off on one side. This is near impossible feat to accomplish with nuts, which are usually chewed on the back of one side of the mouth.

Hummus is a delicious and healthy alternative to nuts that’ll be much more gentle on your dentures!

4. Sticky Candy

Toffees, brittles, and other sour candies are a dentist’s worst nightmare. These sweet treats are great for your taste buds but terrible for your teeth. If you’ve ever had trouble getting sticky candy out of your natural teeth, you should be warned that it’s even more challenging to get those sticky bits out when you have dentures.

Go for softer snacks like cupcakes or banana bread if you have a sweet tooth.

5. Coffee

There’s nothing quite like having a good ol’ cup of joe when you’re getting your day started. Unfortunately, coffee is a notoriously bad beverage to drink if you want to keep your pearly whites white. Over time, this dark drink can stain anybody’s teeth, even if they are natural. For denture wearers, the stains will become visible much quicker since your teeth aren’t natural.

Instead, opt to drink lighter coloured hot beverages like green tea. It’ll take some adjustment, but your dentures will thank you for it!

To sum up, when you have dentures, it’s best to avoid foods that fall into these four categories:

  • Hard foods
  • Sticky foods
  • Foods with small pieces
  • Tough meats

If sacrificing some of these foods just isn’t in the cards for you, you could also consider getting a more permanent solution to your tooth problem – dental implants. Dental implants last longer than dentures, are easier to maintain, and don’t cause the same hassles as dentures do when it comes to eating.

At Bond Street Dental Implants Toronto, we offer top-notch all on 4 dental implants that will last you for years to come. Contact us today to get dental implants that’ll change your quality of life for the better and say sayonara to your dentures for good!

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