Top Foods That Cause Tooth Decay

The majority of people have dealt with tooth decay at one point or another during their lifetime, and it isn’t a pleasant experience, to say the least. Do fillings or root canals ring a bell, anyone? Tooth decay occurs when your enamel softens and damages the structure of your tooth. It is caused by the acids created when plaque bacteria breaks down sugar in your mouth. As plaque acids chip away at the layers of your tooth, they can eventually leave your nerve exposed and cause a cavity (a.k.a. a hole in the tooth). This exposure can really hinder your ability to eat, which is one of the great joys in life. It’d be a shame to have that experience tainted! Speaking of eating, the foods you eat are a huge contributing factor to tooth decay. Sugary, sticky foods that are rich in carbohydrates are some of the worst offenders, but even some foods that are considered to be “healthy” can wear down your teeth. In this blog, we’ll go over the top foods that play a part in tooth decay. Top Foods That Cause Tooth Decay

Seven Foods That Cause Tooth Decay

1.Sour Candies

Not surprisingly, sour candies are one of the absolute worst foods to eat when it comes to tooth decay. Sour candies are super acidic and tough on your teeth, gums, and cheeks. On top of being highly acidic, these candies are also very sticky, which makes them stay on your teeth for long periods of time. All in all, this food makes sure that the plaque in your mouth is well fed. Sour Candies

2.Dried Fruit

Dried fruit is mostly considered to be a healthy snack, but in terms of tooth health, but it’s actually pretty terrible for you. Dried fruit is essentially fruit that has had all of the water sucked out of it, which leaves it in the form of a super concentrated glob of sugar. Just like sour candies, this snack is also super sticky and lingers on your teeth long after you’ve consumed it. dried fruit


Ever feel like you desperately need a glass of water after a night out? That’s because alcohol causes your mouth to dry out completely. The reduced flow of saliva that results from consuming alcohol poses a major threat to your teeth since saliva is needed to wash away food particles. The tooth decay that comes from years of heavy drinking just isn’t worth it!

4.Potato Chips

No food fulfills a salt craving quite like potato chips, and if you have a soft spot for salty foods, chips are pretty much impossible to resist. Sadly, this satisfying snack is filled with starch, which converts to sugar and gets stuck in your teeth. Most of us have no problem consuming an entire bag of chips in one sitting, which means the acid produced from eating chips will last for a long time.
Bag of golden chips isolated on a white background.

Bag of golden chips isolated on a white background.


You were probably told to eat your fruits and veggies growing up, but citrus fruits like lemons and oranges aren’t too great when it comes to tooth health. Citrus fruits are highly acidic and erode enamel, which makes your teeth much more susceptible to decay. If you choose to consume citrus fruits in moderation, your teeth will definitely thank you for it!

6.White Bread

Believe it or not, this heavily refined carbohydrate has the potential to be just as harmful to your teeth as candy. As you chew on white bread, the starches break down into simple sugars, and the saliva in your mouth creates a gummy substance. This newly formed substance sticks to your teeth and creates the perfect environment for plaque to take over. white bread


Soda has earned itself quite a negative reputation over the years, and for a good reason. This sugary beverage isn’t good for you in any way, and it definitely doesn’t do any favours for your tooth health. Carbonated sodas coat your teeth in acid, which is horrible for your tooth enamel. If you care about your teeth at all, it’s best to stay far, far away from sodas! There you have it, all the top foods that cause tooth decay. If you’ve been consuming some or all of these foods for a long period of time and are experiencing the effects of tooth decay, contact Bond Street Dental Implants Toronto today. We offer a variety of affordable cosmetic dentistry services that’ll make your teeth look good as new!      
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